Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Collection, Business 

Today we are going to talk about a very famous and well-professional person from the United States. In this article we will read about Jim Taubenfeld. There are many people searching for Jim Taubenfeld. If we talk about his profession, Jim is the President of Me Salve, Inc. In this article we will read about Jim Taubenfeld, and we will read about his profession and his lifestyle. We will read about Jim Taubenfeld’s Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Collection, Jim Taubenfeld Memorabilia, Jim Taubenfeld Business 

Jim Taubenfeld Wikipedia 

Jim Taubenfeld was born in the year of 1965 in Puerto Rico. Jim Taubenfeld is famous because of his profession. Jim Taubenfeld works as the President of Me Salve inc. Many people don’t know that Jim Taubenfeld is also a lawyer. Jim Taubenfeld is also a business executive. Nowadays, Jim Taubenfeld has become a much searched topic on the internet. Everyone knows him by his nickname, Jim. Jim Taubenfeld is also famous because of his collection. 

Jim loves to collect memorabilia, including sports items, unique pieces of art, vintage comic books and many other things. Jim also says that he loves to collect these items. According to the sources, Jim always supports cyclists. In this article we have included all the details about Jim Taubenfeld. So just read the following article and learn about Jim Taubenfeld.

Real Name Jim Taubenfeld 
Nick Name Jim 
Birth Name Jim Taubenfeld 
Date of Birth In 1965
Age (as of 2023)58 years old
Birthplace Puerto Rico
Hometown America
Nationality American 
Net Worth $ 2 to 3 million 
Profession Businessman, President of Me Salve inc.
Famous For Me Selve inc. and Memorabilia collection 
Marital Status Married 
Wife Name Moira Shub Taubenfeld
Height 5 ft 9 inches, 1.75 Meter
Weight Approximately 81 kg
Instagram @jtnbafan
Twitter @jtnbafan
School Hometown High School 
College University of Miami School of Law
Qualification Graduated 

Jim Taubenfeld Wife

Jim Taubenfeld is a very popular and talented business executive from the United States. There are many people who want to know about his wife. In this article we will read about his wife. If we talk about his wife. Jim Taubenfeld’s wife’s name is Moira Shub Taubenfeld. According to the sources, Jim and Moira married in the year of 1988 at Florida in the United States. This couple has three children. They have two daughters and one son. 

Jim Taubenfeld Net Worth

As a successful business executive of America, Jim Taubenfeld is in discussion. Many people are searching for his net worth. If we talk about his net worth, according to the sources, Jim Taubenfeld ‘s net worth is $ 2 to 3 million. Jim Taubenfeld is living a luxurious lifestyle with his family with this net worth. 

Jim Taubenfeld Collection 

Jim Taubenfeld is a well-known personality from the United States. He is also famous for his hobby. Jim Taubenfeld has a collection of memorabilia, sports items, vintage comic books and unique pieces of art etc. 

Jim Taubenfeld Memorabilia

Jim Taubenfeld is famous and memorable around the world for his memorabilia collection of vintage comic books, art pieces and sports items. Jim Taubenfeld loves to collect memorabilia. This is the reason for his popularity.

Jim Taubenfeld Business

Business executive Jim Taubenfeld got the most of the success and fame. If we talk about his business, Jim Taubenfeld ‘s business is an online retailer specialising in apparel and accessories. In short, he worked as the President of Me Salve inc. 

Some Interesting Facts About Jim Taubenfeld

  • Jim Taubenfeld became one of the successful people of the United States who is famous as a Businessman. 
  • Jim Taubenfeld achieved a JD degree from the University of Miami College. 
  • Jim holds American Nationality and there are many people who know him with the name of King of Collectibles for his Sports and non-sports Memorabilia collection.
  • According to the sources many people want to know his age, I’d like to talk about his age, Jim is 58 years old. 
  • Jim is always active on his social media accounts, his Instagram account is @jtnbafan. And he has 1440 followers on Instagram.


How did Taubenfeld make his money?

He is president of Me Salve inc. His main income source is Me Salve inc.

Who is Jim Taubenfeld?

Jim Taubenfeld is President of Me Salve inc.

Jim Taubenfeld’s wife ‘s name?

Moira Shub Taubenfeld is the wife of Jim Taubenfeld.

Jim Taubenfeld Age?

Jim Taubenfeld is 58 years.


In this article we read about the famous personality of an American nationality. In this we read about his successful personality as a business executive. In this article we also read about his hobby of memorabilia collecting. And we also read about Jim Taubenfeld’s Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, Collection, Jim Taubenfeld Memorabilia, Jim Taubenfeld Business

We hope that the given information will increase your knowledge about Jim Taubenfeld.

Thanks for reading.

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