Julius Schacknow Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Froud, Death 

Today we are going to talk about a famous and well-known person because of his cheating on people and their trust. There are many people searching for him, but they can’t find any information about him. In this article we will talk about the froud man named Julius Schacknow. So come with us and read about how he befooled people in the name of religion. In this article we read about Julius Schacknow, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, fraud, Death.

Julius Schacknow Wikipedia

Julius Schacknow was born on August 21 in the year of 1924 in Brooklyn, Queen Country of New York (USA). If we talk about Julius Schacknow, after long research, we find that he presents himself as the second birth of Esha Masih. He presents himself as a very good and helpful person. Although he was playing with the trust of people. He was always shown that God talks to him and many people think that he is right. He wore a long white dress and he had a long beard and looked like a priest.

He is always told that he is a Sinful Messiah. He said that he knew when he would die. He shows everybody like he is the Brother of Julius. According to our research, he has seven wives and he lives with his wives at different times. He was a Jewish member of. And he was a powerful Preacher. 

Julius Schacknow Wikipedia
Real Name Julius Schacknow 
Nick Name Julius 
Birth Name Julius Schacknow 
Date Of Birth August 21 in 1924
Age (As of 2023) 71 years old 
Birth Place Brooklyn, Queen Country, New York of the United States 
Hometown New York 
Nationality American
Net Worth  Not Known 
Zodiac Sign Not Known 
Hobbies  Not Known 
Famous For  Froud 
Married Status Married 
Girlfriend Not Known Yet
Physical Measurement
Body Shape Hourglass
Height Not Known 
Weight 70 kg (Approximately)
Hair Color Mixed 
Eyes Color Not known 
Favorite And Social Media
Instagram Not Known 
Twitter Not Known 
Favorite Actors Not Known Yet
Favorite Game Not Known Yet
Education Qualification
School Hometown School 
College Not Known 
Qualification  Not Known 

Julius Schacknow Age

There are many people searching for Julius Schacknow because of his profession of a cheater. If we are talking about his age, he was born in the year of 1924 in New York. According to his death date, he was 71 years old. And at his complete age, he tried to look like a man of God. He told people that I had lost my body and Jesus gave me a second birth.

Julius Schacknow Wife

There are many facts about Julius Schacknow’s Wife. Many people say that he is unmarried and many people say he is married. According to our research, Julius is a cheater. And he is married to 7 women. He spends 2 to 3 days with each wife. He not only cheat on religion, but he also cheated with 7 women.

Julius Schacknow Fraud 

Julius Schacknow is one of the most fraudulent men from New York. He cheated people with his religion. He is a common Jewish man who was involved in small thefts and other small crimes. And after some time, he wore a long white rope and his hair was long, and he showed himself like a Hollywood Caricature of Jesus. He tells people that lord Jesus talks to him and he is the second birth of Jesus. He takes money from people and other things. He also cheated 7 women. He has been married 7 times.

Julius Schacknow Death

According to researchers, we have found the death date of Julius Schacknow. If we talk about his death, according to the sources, he died on July 28 in the year of 1996 at Forestville, Hartford Country, Connecticut in the United States of America. According to the sources, he died when he was sleeping. One day he didn’t wake up after sleeping and the people confirmed that he had died.

Some Interesting Facts About Julius Schacknow

  • Julius Schacknow was from the Jewish community. And he changed himself from a Jewish man into a Christian priest.
  • He believes that he is a justice lover. He didn’t think that he was  cheating people and their religion.
  • He demands money from people and other things regarding his life. 
  • He married seven women and made sexual bonds with them.
  • We can’t find any information about his children but we will inform you soon.


Julius Schacknow age?

71 years old.

Julius Schacknow’s profession?

A Froud.

Julius Schacknow relationship status?

7 seven women married.

Julius Schacknow’s death?

He died in 1996.

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In this article we read about a famous personality as a fraud in the United States. We read about how he befooled people with religion. We read about his 7 wives. We also read about his death. We read about Julius Schacknow Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Fraud, Death.

We hope that the given information will increase your knowledge about Julius Schacknow.

Thanks for reading.

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