Pokemon Eon Guardians Download (v1.2.6)

The interesting new Pokemon fan game Pokémon Aeon Guardians is available on RPGXP. This game has a distinctive plot and brings players to a brand-new locale teeming with previously undiscovered Pokemon. Players will face difficult fights, solve mysteries, and develop close relationships with their Pokemon team as they set out on their adventure to become Aeon Guardians. Pokemon Aeon Guardians is guaranteed to enthrall both devoted followers of the series and newbies because of its gorgeous visuals and engaging gameplay. So grab your Pokeballs and get set for a fantastic Pokemon journey! if you want lot of roms so visit thepokemonroms.

You start your own Pokémon journey!

You eagerly await your first Pokémon so that you can explore the region with it while you grow up in a small mountain town in Terre’s peaks. Which Pokémon will you pick, though?

You must conquer a number of challenges on your way to become the Pokémon Master of Terre. Your life will be challenging not just because of the eight gym leaders in the area.  Other Pokémon trainers that are pursuing the same goal as you will come across. There is also the mysterious Team Gaia, which has its own views on natural selection and evolution.

Since that time, the Terre area has been protected by Latias and Latios, two Aeon Pokémon. Will they succeed in stopping this dangerous gang from harming the population and Pokémon Terre? Or will they need support? Do you possess the necessary skills to master Pokémon? then be set to go on a journey you won’t soon forget!


  • Levels of difficulty
  • Trainer classes and abilities
  • Eternal Potion
  • Switchable unreal time engine
  • Day/Night encounters
  • HM Items
  • Item craft system
  • Level caps
  • Following Pokémon
  • Randomizer
  • Adjusted movepools and stat values
  • Quest system with over 50 side quests
  • Rematchable Colosseum
  • Combat Pillar
  • Custom Pokéballs
  • Custom EBDX move animations
  • Challenging postgame


Essential Features and Screenshots of Pokémon Eon Guardians

Pokemon Aeon Guardians is a game you really must play since it has so many new and intriguing locations, unique Pokemon and characters, customisable trainers, an interesting plot, and multiplayer possibilities. Discover unusual vistas, meet a variety of Pokemon, personalize your trainer, and confront unexpected turns. Play games online or exchange Pokemon with others.

As they go towards their objective in the Pokemon Aeon Guardians game, players will face a variety of difficulties from trainers and gym leaders. They also have to contend with the mysterious team Gaia, who have their own take on evolution and natural selection. The Aeon Pokemon Latias and Latios have been the Terre region’s protectors for a very long time. It will be interesting to see if they can defend Pokemon Terre from this nefarious group.


Pokemon Aeon Guardians stands out from other Pokemon games with its distinctive and engaging gameplay experience. This game is certain to keep players interested and delighted for hours on end with its captivating plot, improved features, and a completely new zone to explore.

There is no shortage of adventure in this game, from the previously unseen Pokemon to the difficulties encountered on the path to becoming an Aeon Guardian. Look no farther if you’re a Pokemon fan seeking a fresh gaming experience. Get Pokemon Aeon Guardians today to start an exciting journey in the Pokemon universe. Prepare to capture them all!

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