Rebekah Gould Wikipedia, Father, Casey, Obituary, Mother

Today we are here to talk about a Murder story of a Lady named Rebekah Gould. In this article we will know about Rebekah Gould and how she died. According to the sources she was a college student of a university from the United States. And she died when she was studying. In this article we will read about her murder mystery and who was the reason for her death. So just read the complete Article and know about Rebekah Gould. In this article we will also read about Father, Casey, Obituary, Mother etc.

Rebekah Gould Wikipedia

Rebekah Gould was born in the United States. Rebekah Gould was of American nationality and English origin. Rebekah Gould was a college student at Northwest Arkansas Community College. Rebekah Gould was 22 years old when she died. Rebekah Gould’s dead body was found on September 27, 2004 at the Embankment off the Arkansas State Highway. If we talk about her death, in September 2004, she expected to enjoy the weekend with her boyfriend at his house.

 She left her boyfriend at his office on September 20 and came to his house to take her things. And she also bought some things from the shop near his boyfriend’s house. This is the last time she was seen alive. And on September 21, she was missing. When the authorities started their investigation, they arrived at Rebekah Gould’s boyfriend’s house, named Casey McCullough, and found blood spread everywhere. Casey said that he was not in the house on Rebekah Gould’s murder night. After investigation there are no clues found by authorities, But after 16 years a special agent named Mike McNeill Assigned to it. 

Mike knows that boyfriend is not the murderer, so he started investigating this case by hand. He found that Casey’s cousin named William Miller visited the same night of Murder. After serious communication with Miller, he accepted that he is the killer of Rebekah Gould. Authorities punished him for 40 years in prison for first degree murder. 

Rebekah Gould Murder Case Shown by NBC Dateline on Friday, June 2. 

Real Name Rebekah Gould 
Nick Name Rebekah 
Birth Name Rebekah Gould 
Date of Birth Not known 
Age as of 202322 years old when she died in 2004
Birthplace United States 
Hometown United States 
Nationality American 
Profession Student 
Famous For Killed by boyfriend’s Cousin 
Boyfriend NameCasey McCullough 
InstagramNot known 
Twitter Not known 
School Hometown High School 
College Northwest Arkansas community College 
Qualification Not known 

Rebekah Gould Casey

Casey was never detained or prosecuted for the killing of his girlfriend Rebekah despite the overwhelming majority of the circumstances and accusations against him since there was no hard proof. Instead, he had a plausible alibi—he was at work—and appeared to be truly devastated. In addition, he did his best to assist with the police at every turn.

In the end, it was found that Casey’s first cousin, William Alama Miller, had viciously killed Rebekah on their first encounter, seemingly for no reason at all. It is therefore not unexpected that the former, although being innocent, prefers to stay out of the public eye these days. 

Rebekah Gould Father

Dr. Larry Gould discussed his daughter Rebekah’s murder in September 2004 on “The Dr. Oz Show” on Tuesday. On Tuesday’s programme, which was filmed in New York City on October 10, there was also Catherine Townsend, a true-crime novelist, certified private investigator, and the host of the podcast “Hell and Gone,” which will detail her inquiry into the 14-year-old. 


In this article we read about a Murder case of a college student named Rebekah Gould who was killed by her boyfriend’s Cousin named William Miller. In This article we read that William Miller killed Rebekah Gould in Rebekah Gould’s boyfriend’s house. We also read about Rebekah Gould Wikipedia, Father, Casey, Obituary, Mother.

We hope that given information will increase your knowledge about Rebekah Gould.

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