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We will talk about Susan Kuhnhausen, Nurse Susan Kuhnhausen was attacked with a claw hammer by Edward Dalton Haffey when she got home on September 6, 2006. She fought to take the weapon away, took bites and strikes from her assailant before ultimately taking back the weapon and putting him in a chokehold. Kuhnhausen fought with the other for a while, wanting to know who had dispatched the assailant. Police eventually uncovered that Kuhnhausen’s husband had paid the attacker to kill her for $50,000. The attacker passed away from the chokehold. 

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NameSusan Kuhnhausen 
NicknameSusan Kuhnhausen 
Birth NameSusan Kuhnhausen 
Date Of BirthFeb 1956
Age As of 200667 years old
NationalityNot Known
ProfessionEmergency Nurse
Zodiac SignNot Known
ReligionNot Known

Susan Kuhnhausen Birthday

Now we are going to talk about Susan Kuhnhausen Date of Birth. Her Birthday date is missing but her date of birth Feb 1956 and According to 2006 her age is around 67 years old.

Who is Susan Kuhnhausen’s ex husband?

In a terrifying turn of events, Susan Kuhnhausen was forced to fight for her life against a hitman hired by her own divorced husband. The hitman had one goal in mind: to take Susan’s life. But Susan was no stranger to conflict—she had been subjected to 17 years of emotional abuse in her marriage.

She had mustered the courage to kick her husband, Michael, out of the house and file for divorce in 2006. She now had to engage in a different type of battle—a battle for her life. It was the victim that won this terrifying confrontation instead of the predator.

Attacks Susan Kuhnhausen in Her Home

Haffey rapidly swung the hammer over the second floor of the house and struck Kuhnhausen in the left temple. Kuhnhausen, who has worked as an emergency department nurse for 30 years, was skilled in practical self-defense techniques that the hitman was unprepared for. She sprung into action, knocking Haffey up into a wall and tackling him. The only words Haffey heard him utter that night were said at this very moment: “You’re strong.”

According to Susan Kuhnhausen, her adrenaline went into overdrive at that point when she realized the man was there to murder her. She forced the hammer from her grasp and struck Haffey several times in the skull. She shouted, “Who sent you?” and wanted to know why he was there. 

The hitman reclaimed the hammer after failing to answer. Kuhnhausen then seized his throat and pressed. Haffey’s face changed color from purple to blue. She let go in a fit of panic and attempted to flee the house. 

Haffey pounced on her in the corridor and started viciously striking her in the face. In an effort to at least establish a connection between her and his death, Kuhnhausen pushed him to the ground and repeatedly bit him in the arm and leg. 

But she survived. Haffey was placed in a chokehold with Kuhnhausen’s left arm after she was able to get on top of him. Her excellent self-defense training helped her to maintain control despite his attempts to flip her. Haffey eventually came to a stop. Kuhnhausen raced to her neighbor’s house to make a 911 call after grabbing the hammer. 

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