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There are many people in the world who don’t have control over their anger. And  today we are going to talk about one of them. Today we read about a 15-year-old old man. At the age of 15 years, he killed his mother and tried to kill his brother. If we talk about his nature, he was always a silent boy. So come with us to find out about the very youngest criminal. Today we read about Zachary Davis Wikipedia, age, Dr Phil Interview with Zachary, his family and his Brother. 

Zachary Davis Wikipedia

Zachary Davis was born on July 16 in 2001 in Aurana Illinois. He is famous because of the murder of his mother. At the age of 15, he had an evil in his heart. And one day he finally killed his mother and tried to kill his elder brother. He killed his mother with a hammer. And set fire to his home when his brother was sleeping. Once, his mother went outside of home.

And when she came home, Zachary went to her room while holding a hammer. And he hit her head on her head. And then, he burned a fire in the house when his brother was at home and went there. His brother wakes up when he hears the fire alarm. Zachary found some distance from his home. 


Personal Info About – Zachary Davis Wikipedia
Real Name Zachary Davis
Nick Name Zachary 
Birth Name Zachary Davis
Date Of Birth July 16 in  2001
Age (As of 2023) 19-20 years old
Birth Place  Aurora Illinois
Hometown Illinois
Nationality American
Net Worth  Not Known
Zodiac Sign Not known
Hobbies Playing Violent Video Games
Not Known
Famous For Murder His Mother
Married Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Not Known Yet
Physical Measurement
Body Shape Hourglass
Height 6 Feet  8 Inch & in Meter 2
Weight 77 kg (Approximately)
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Color Not Known
Favorite And Social Media
Instagram Not Known
Twitter Not Known
Favorite Actors Not Known Yet
Favorite Game Violent games
Education Qualification
School Not Known
College Chicago University Of Architecture at Armour Institute
Qualification Not known

Zachary Davis Age

Zachary was born  in 2001 at the Aurana. For the year 2023 he is 19- 20 years old. He became a criminal at the age of 15 years old. He is a killer of his own mother and attempts to kill his brother. When he was arrested everybody thought about how he had this anger. There are many people who say that he is mentally unfit. 

Zachary Davis Brother

Zachary Davis is a criminal. He attempted to murder his brother. His brother’s name is Josh Davis. When Josh was sleeping in the room, Zachary set a fire in the room. Jost Zach set the fire in the Family Game room, and the room was closed so the fire did not spread. Zach was found 10 miles from his home. Zach said that he felt nothing when he was doing this.

Zachary Davis Dr Phil

Dr. Phil. conversation with Zachary Davis. He asks Zach why he killed his mother. In this, Zach answers to Dr. that his father told him to kill his mother. So he killed his mother and when he killed his mother he didn’t feel anything. Zach said that he struck his mother 20 times. Dr. asks Zach why he stuck 20 times. Zach answered him that he was confirming whether his mother had died or not. In this condition, Zach is mental. 

Zachary Davis Family

Zachary Davis’s father’s name is Chris Davis. And his father died from the disease of Lou Gehrig. And his mother’s name is Melanie Davis. His brother’s name is Josh. Zach’s father died when he was 9 years old. He was depressed by the death of his father. His grandmother said that he was mentally unfit after the death of his father. 

Some Interesting Facts About Zachary Davis

  • Zachary Davis was a criminal for 15 years. He became a mentally disturbed criminal at the age of 15 years old.
  • Zach’s father died of a disease when Zach was 9 years old. From this age, he was depressed by his father’s death. 
  • After some years of his father’s death, Zach always said that his father was talking with him.
  • In the conversation with Dr. Phil Zach said that his father wanted to kill his mother. And he killed his mother.
  •  Zach was interested in murder cases and read books about scary murders. He was reading a book. In this book he read how to be happy after killing someone. 
  • Zach always likes to play violent video games.


In today’s article we read about the evil of a 15-year-old boy named Zachary Davis. We read about how he killed his mother in a very scary way. He sees that he killed his mother with a Hemmer. We also read that he attempted to kill his elder brother named Josh. We read Dr. Phil’s conversation with Zachary Davis. And Zachary Davis Wikipedia has also read about.

We hope that given information will grow your knowledge about Zachary Davis.

Thanks for Reading.

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