Kai Raecke Wikipedia, Wife, Age, Obituary, Motorcycle 

Today we are going to talk about a very famous and well-known personality from the  United States. Today we will talk about a famous personality from the United States named Kai Raecke. According to the sources, Kai Raecke is a good professional motorcycle rider and he is also a world traveller. In this article we read about his profession and about his riding. So just read the following article and learn about Kai Raecke. In this article we will talk about Kai Raecke, Wikipedia, wife, age, obituary, wife Valerie, Kai  Raecke Motorcycle.

Kai Raecke Wikipedia 

Kai Raecke was born on December 22 in the year of 1957 in California in the United States. If we talk about his work, he is a very famous and talented motorcycle rider. He is famous for his Rider profession. His name is counted in the list of world travellers. Kai Raecke is also known as a person who is a world traveller. Kai Raecke does not have a Wikipedia page, so many people don’t know about him, but in this article we have included all the information about Kai Raecke. As a world traveller, he is also a media personality. 

We can see some information about Kai Raecke in some magazines. Unfortunately, Kai Raecke was not there at that time. He died in the year 2020. He died at the age of 62 years.

Real Name Kai Michael Raecke 
Nick Name Kai
Birth Name Kai Michael Raecke 
Date of Birth December 22 in 1957
Age (as of 2020)62 years old 
Birthplace California of the United States 
Hometown California 
Nationality American 
Profession Motorist, Rider 
Famous For His Profession 
Net Worth Not known 
Marital Status Married 
Wife Name Valerie Raecke 
Height 5 ft 11 inches 1.80 in meters 
Weight Not known 
Instagram Not known 
Twitter Not known 
School Hometown High School 
College University of United States 
Qualification Graduated 

Kai Raecke Wife

Kai Raecke was famous for his motorcycle riding. There were many people searching for his wife’s information. In this article we will talk about Kai Raecke’s wife. Kai Raecke married a woman named Valerie. If we talk about his wife, he married his wife in the year of 2017 on July 26. 

Kai Raecke Age

Kai Raecke was born in the California of America in 1957. Many people want to know about the Kai Raecke age. If we talk about his age, he was 62 years old when he died. Kai Raecke was living a very good life before his death.

Kai Raecke Obituary

As a motorcycle rider and a world traveller, Kai Raecke is very famous. Many respected people know him because of his popularity. There are many people who come to his obituary and show Griff to him. In his obituary, his colleagues, friends and his relatives came and showed Griff to Kai Raecke.

Kai Raecke Wife Valarie

There are many people who didn’t not known about Kai Raecke ‘s wife Valerie. In 2017 Kai Raecke married Valerie. There are Many people talking about the children of Kai Raecke and Valerie. If we talk about this, this couple does not have Children. But Kai Raecke has four daughters from his previous wife. 

Kai Raecke Motorcycle 

Kai Raecke got a lot of fame and success with his profession. He loves riding and he is famous because of his motorcycling skills. Kai Raecke became a motorcycle rider at the age of 17. And at this age he was a world traveller. He worked as a journalist and editor for a magazine named Easyrider. But nowadays he is not with us. 

Some Interesting about Kai Raecke

  • Kai Raecke avoided a riding career when he was 13 years old. But when he grew up he was a world traveller at the age of 17 years. 
  • If we talk about his popularity, he attended many national and international events. He attended these events in many countries like Belgium, Austria , Germany etc. 
  • He married a woman named Valerie in a private ceremony. Valerie was the second wife of Kai Raecke. Kai Raecke was in a relationship with someone before Marriage Valerie.
  • Kai Raecke held American nationality and if we talk about his religion, he belongs to the Christian religion. And he has mixed Ethnicity.
  • According to the sources, Kai Raecke died on April 22 in 2020. When he died, he was 62 years old.


Who was the editor of East Rider Magazine?

Kai Raecke worked as a journalist and editor for Easyrider Magazine. He was part of many international events. He went to many countries for events. 

What happened to Kai in Custom Garage?

Kai died on April 22 in 2020. 

Kai Raecke’s real name?

Kai Michael Raecke is the real name of Kai Raecke.

Kai Raecke Wife name?

Kai Raecke ‘s wife’s name is Valerie Raecke. This couple didn’t have any children. 

In this article we read about a famous world traveller named Kai Raecke. We read about how he became a World Traveler. In this article we read about Kai Raecke’s profession and his wife. We also read about Kai Raecke, Wikipedia, wife, age, obituary, wife Valerie, Motorcycle.


We hope that the given information will increase your knowledge of Kai Raecke.

Thanks for reading.

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