Alexis Jordan Biography, Age, Career, Net Worth, Album, Husband, Married 

Today we are here to talk about a well known person in the United States. In this Article we are going to talk about a female Singer, Actress and a dancer from America. We will talk about the American Singer, Actress and a dancer named Alexis Jordan. There are many people searching for Alexis Jordan, they want to know about her, so they search on the internet about her. In this article we have included all the information regarding her, so just read the following Article. In this article we will talk about Alexis Jordan Happiness, Age, Career, Net Worth, Album, Husband, Married.

Alexis Jordan Biography

Alexis Jordan was born on 7 April in 1992 at Columbia, South Carolina in the United States. According to the sources Alexis Jordan is a professional Singer, Dancer from America. She is also an actress from the United States. Alexis Jordan is very famous for her profession as a singer. She is a multi-talented female a singer she wrote many songs and people also like her songs. She is also famous because of America’s Got ot Talent show in 2006. Alexis Jordan was eliminated from the show at the age 14, but after this incident she started uploading her songs on YouTube. She got millions of views on her songs. 

Real Name Alexis Jordan 
Nick Name Alexis 
Birth Name Alexis Jordan 
Date of Birth 7 April in 1992
Age as of 202331 years old 
Birthplace Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Hometown South Carolina,  United States 
Nationality American 
Profession Singer, Actress, Dancer 
Famous For Her Profession 
Net Worth $ 6 million 
Marital Status Married 
Husband Name Luke Broadlick p
Height 5 ft 8 inches, 1.73m 
Weight Approx 61 kg
Instagram @alexisjordanofficial
Twitter @AlexisJordan
School Primary High School 
College University of United States 
Qualification Graduated 

Alexis Jordan Happiness

There are many people searching for Alexis Jordan Happiness, if we talk about this, happiness is the first debut single by the female singer named Alexis Jordan. It was released on 7 September in the year of 2010 in the United States. 

Alexis Jordan Age 

Alexis Jordan was born in the year of 7 April at Columbia, South Carolina, United States in the year of 1992. According to her Wikipedia page Alexis Jordan is 31 years old. Alexis Jordan still looks beautiful and pretty at this age. 

Alexis Jordan Net Worth 

Many people are searching on the internet about Alexis Jordan. In this paragraph we will tell you about it. According to the researchers Alexis Jordan ‘s net worth is $ 6 million dollars. She lives a very luxurious lifestyle with this net worth.

Alexis Jordan Album 

Alexis Jordan best Known for American singer. There are many albums released by Alexis Jordan. On 25 February in 2011 Alexis Jordan released her self titled album named Alexis Jordan. She also released some singles named Happiness , Good Girl, Hush Hush. She worked with Jay Z and Norwegian Production. 

Alexis Jordan Husband 

In this paragraph we will talk about Alexis Jordan Husband. Alexis Jordan Husband name is Luke Broadlick. This couple married in a Private ceremony in the year of 2014. Alexis Jordan dating Luke Broadlick from 8 years. 

Alexis Jordan Married 

Many people want to know about Alexis Jordan Marriage. She married to Luke Broadlick in 1992. Alexis Jordan always shares many pictures of her married life and her husband on social media accounts. 

Alexis Jordan Children

This couple has three kids. Alexis Jordan has two sons and one daughter. Her sons’ names are Lincoln and Abel. Her daughter’s name is Anora. Many Alexis Jordan share some rare pics of her children on social media.

Alexis Jordan Career 

Alexis Jordan was born in the United States to an African Other and Puerto Rican father. Alexis started writing songs at the age of 11. She auditioned in 2006 at the America’s Got Talent but she was brought by the Judge named Brandy. After some time she released her songs on YouTube and people liked her songs. Her song went viral and she got the attention of the public. A famous rapper named Jay-Z worked with Alexis Jordan. And in 2011 she released her first album named Alexis Jordan. And after some years she got a lot of fame and success as a singer. She sang many songs like Happiness, Good Girl and Hush Hush etc. One song by Alexis Jordan was leaked in 2013. This song was leaked online. Alexis Jordan is a very hardworking Female singer who hit this success with her talent. 


In this article we read about a lot of useful information about an American singer, actress and dancer named Alexis Jordan. We Read about her  profession as a singer, we read about her career and we also read about her husband and children. In this article we read about Alexis Jordan Happiness, Age, Career, Net Worth, Album, Husband, Married.

We hope that given information will increase your knowledge about Alexis Jordan.

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