Jake Orion Wiki, Age, Net Worth, GYM Startup, Parents

Jake Orion is a famous personality of the United States. He is a respected person in the United States. In the past, he has struggled with many problems in his life. If we talk about his profession, he is a famous model, a youtuber from the United States. And he is very famous as a YouTuber and a model. He always shares videos regarding his lifestyle and relationships etc. Today we are going to talk about Jake Orion. We will also read about Jake Orion Wiki, Age, Net Worth, GYMStartup, YouTube.

Jake Orion Wiki

Jake Orion was born on 9 September in the year of 1993 at Lake Worth, Florida in  the United States. Jake Orion is a famous YouTuber and social media personality in America. He uploads his daily life videos and photos as a model on YouTube. If we talk about Jake Orion, we want to say that Jake Orion is gay. In this condition, he wasn’t supported by his family. But his sister always supports him. Everybody teases him because of his gay personality. After some time, he joined GYMand and started improving his body. After some time, he transferred to be a bodybuilder and started a YouTube channel, where he talked to everyone about his life. And now he is happily enjoying his life.

Personal Info About –  Jake Orion Wiki
Real Name Jake Orion
Nick Name Jake
Birth Name Jake Orion
Date Of Birth 9 September in 1993
Age (As of 2023) 29 Years old
Birth Place Lake Worth, Florida of the United States
Hometown Florida, United States
Nationality American
Net Worth  $ 10 to 15 million
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Hobbies  Not Known
Youtuber, social Media Personality
Famous For  His Profession
Married Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Not Known Yet
Physical Measurement
Body Shape Hourglass
Height  Average 
Weight 70 kg (Approximately)
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Not known 
Favorite And Social Media
Instagram @jakeorion12t
Twitter Not known
Favorite Actors Not Known Yet
Favorite Game Not Known Yet
Education Qualification

Hometown High School

College Private University of United States
Qualification Graduate

Jake Orion Age

Jake was born in the year of 1993 in the United States. There are many people searching for his age. If we talk about his age, according to the year 2023, he is 29 years old. Jake is a very famous YouTuber at this age. Jake is a very fit bodybuilder personality at this age.

Jake Orion Net Worth

Jake Orion works as a social media personality and a famous Youtuber from the United States. If we talk about his net worth. His net worth is $ 10 to 15 million. His main income source is YouTube. He regularly uploads his content on YouTube.

Jake Orion GYM Startup

Jake Orion crossed many problems as a guy. His friends and family didn’t support him because he was gay. He was mentally disturbed in those days. But his sister was always with him. His sister didn’t leave him in that situation. After being motivated by his sister, he started to improve his personality, so he started the gym and started a YouTube channel. After some time, people liked him and he became a successful personality in the United States.

Jake Orion YouTube

Jake Orion started his YouTube channel in the year of 2016 in the month of December 27. He wrote on YouTube that” I am here to tell you to face daily life problems. Many people like his videos and he has made 40,000 subscribers and 9 million watched time from starting videos. And now he is a famous YouTuber from America.

Jake Orion Parents 

There are many people searching for Jake Orion’s parents. Jake said that his parents didn’t support him because of his personality. But his sister always supported him in many situations.  He didn’t reveal his parents’ details. We are collecting more information about his family. We will inform you soon.

Some Interesting Facts About Jake Orion

  • Jake Orion has served as a YouTuber from the year of 2016. 
  • When people are teasing Jake, only one person is standing with him and she is his sister.
  • When he was not ready to tell anybody that he was gay, he started going to the gym and after joining the gym his confidence built up.
  • He has a YouTube channel and he regularly uploads his photos and videos regarding his life on his channel.
  • Jake Orion didn’t reveal any relationship with anyone.


What is the Profession of Jake Orion?

Jake Orion is a famous Youtuber and a social media influencer.

What is the gender of Jake Orion?

Jake Orion is a guy.

When did Jake start his YouTube channel?

He started his YouTube channel in 2016.

Jake Orion relationship status.

He didn’t reveal it.

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In this article we read about a famous personality and a famous Youtuber from the United States named Jake Orion. We read about his struggle with his personality as a gay. We also read about Jake Orion wiki, age, net worth, zim startup, YouTube, Jake Orion Parents.

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