Vicki Arlene Jensen Wiki, Obituary, Birthday, Daughter, Husband 

Vicki Arlene Jensen became a well-known personality because of her crime. She is the murderer of Aleta Diane Ray. There are many people searching for Vicki Arlene Jensen. Vicki killed Aleta with insulin and methamphetamine. Vicki killed Aleta with Vicki’s niece and her niece’s boyfriend. Vicki Arlene Jensen is in discussion because of her crime, so today we are going to talk about Vicki Arlene Jensen. We will read about Vicki Arlene Jensen Wiki, Obituary, Birthday, Daughter, Husband.

Vicki Arlene Jensen Wiki

Vicki Arlene Jensen was a former nurse by her profession. Vicki Arlene Jensen’s birthplace. She was the divorced lady of divorced Vernon Jensen. Vicki is well-known because she had murdered the former girlfriend of her ex-husband. She met her husband when she was working in a hospital as a nurse. After some time, she was attracted to Vernon Jensen and after some time, she married him. According to the sources, she killed Aleta at Aleta’s house with two partners. She killed her with an injection of methamphetamine.

She killed Aleta on September 9 in the year of 1999, and Vicki was arrested in the year of 2000. We include more information in this article. So just read and increase your knowledge. After killing Aleta, Vicki kept looking for Aleta’s body for one hour. This scene was seen by Aleta ‘s 3-year-old daughter. 

Vicki Arlene Jensen Wiki
Real Name Vicki Arlene Jensen 
Nick Name Vicki 
Birth Name Vicki Arlene Jensen
Date Of Birth Not Known 
Age (As of 2023) 40-42 year old
Birth Place United States 
Hometown United States 
Nationality American 
Net Worth  Not Known
Zodiac Sign Not Known 
Hobbies  Not Known
Famous For  Murder Aleta Diane Ray 
Married Status Divorced 
Girlfriend Not Known Yet
Physical Measurement
Body Shape Hourglass
Height Average
Weight 62kg (Approximately)
Hair Color Black
Eyes Color Black
Favorite And Social Media
Instagram Not Known
Twitter Not Known
Favorite Actors Not Known Yet
Favorite Game Not Known Yet
Education Qualification
School Hometown High School
College Not Known
Qualification Graduated

Vicki Arlene Jensen Obituary 

There are many people searching for the Vicki Arlena Jensen Obituary. If we talk about her obituary, Vicki Arlene Jensen ‘s reason of death is not confirmed. There are many facts about her death, many people say that she died at the age of 39. But many people say she is always alive. We are collecting more information about the Vicki Arlene Jensen Obituary. We will inform you soon about this. 

Vicki Arlene Jensen Birthday 

Vicki Arlene Jensen is famous for murdering  her ex-husband ‘s girlfriend, named Aleta Diane Ray. She was caught by the police in the year of 2000. Many people recently she is in discussion because of her death news. And after that, many people searched for her birthday. But her birthday information was not revealed. But according to the sources, she is 39 years old.  

Vicki arlene jensen Daughter 

There are many people searching for Vicki Arlene Jensen’s daughter. Many people think that Vicki Arlene Jensen has a daughter. But in reality, she killed Aleta Diane Ray in the form of Aleta Diane Ray ‘s daughter. So she is trending with Vicki Arlene Jensen’s Daughter.

Vicki Arlene Jensen Husband 

In this paragraph we will talk about the husband of Vicki Arlene Jensen. Her husband’s name is Vernon Jensen. Vernon divorced Vicki many years before. And after divorcing her, Vernon was in a relationship with one-child’s mother. And when he is in a relationship, he breaks all bonds with Vicki Arlene Jensen. But one day when Vernon went to the office, Vicki Arlene Jensen entered the house of Aleta with her niece named Autumn Pauls and her niece’s boyfriend named Matthew Pearson.

They show the gun to Aleta and inject an incline of methamphetamine. After an overdose of methamphetamine, Aleta died. This completed story was told by Vernon Jensen. 

Some Interesting Facts About Vicki Arlene Jensen

  • Vicki Arlene Jensen became a nurse, but because of her anger, she became the most dangerous criminal.
  • According to the sources, many people say she was mentally disturbed.
  • Recently, his niece came out through the Payroll. And her punishment is 15 years to life.
  • If we talk about Vicki Arlene Jensen’s punishment, her punishment is complete life in prison.
  • When Aleta’s boyfriend told the police that Aleta did not do drugs, it was confirmed that it was a murder.


Who is Vicki Arlene Jensen?

The murderer of Aleta Diane Ray.

When Vicki Arlene Jensen Killed Aleta?

September 9 in 1999. 

Vicki Arlene Jensen’s husband’s name.

Vernon Jensen.

Who was Vicki Arlene Sensen’s partner?

Her Niece is Autumn Pauls and Niece’s boyfriend is named Matthew Pearson.

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In this article we read about the killer of an innocent lady named Aleta Diane Ray. We read about how she killed Aleta in front of her daughter. We are also prepared for her husband and her partners. We read in this article about Vicki Arlene Jensen Wiki, Obituary, Birthday, Daughter, Husband.

We hope that the given information will increase your knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

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