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American citizen Jodi Arias was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, age 30, in 2011. Alexander, Jodi’s boyfriend, and she relocated to Mesa, Arizona, in 2006 and dated there for a time before calling it quits and going back to California. These two maintained touch and had sex even after their breakup. In June 2008, she killed Alexander at his Mesa home, claiming it was in self-defense. She later entered a not-guilty plea. Alexander’s friends found him dead in the bathtub of his house after five days. When he was found dead, he had multiple knife wounds and a gunshot wound to the head.

Jodi Arias Wikipedia

Alexander’s buddies went to his Savar home after five days to collect his body. He had many knife wounds throughout his body and had been shot in the head. The wiki entry for Jodi Arias claims that these two were in a difficult situation. Even yet, even after their relationship ended, they kept in touch and had sex. Jodi was arrested in July 2008 for the murder of Alexander, as you were just informed, and she was later found guilty of the crime in April 2015. After a roughly 4-month-long legal process, he was likewise given a life term in state prison with a chance of parole in December 2012.

Who is Jodi Arias

Real NameJodi Ann Arias
Nick NameJodi Ann 
Famous NameJodi Ann Arias
Date Of BirthJuly 9, 1980
BirthplaceSalinas California US
Age (As of 2023)42 years old 
ProfessionPhotography and Server
Net Worth$25 million
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight70 kg
BoyfriendTravis Alexander

Jodi Arias Age

Now we are going to talk about Jodi Arias date of birth, Jodi Arias was born July 9, 1980 in Salinas California US, and in 2023 her age is approximately 42 years old and his nationality is American.

Jodi Arias Parents

According to her Jodi Arias wiki biography, Jodi Ann Arias has an older half-sister in addition to having a father and mother named Sandy S. Marius and William Angelo, respectively. On July 9, 1980, Jodi Ann Arias was born in Salinas, California. possesses a younger sister and two brothers. If the Jodi Arias Family is the subject, then Jodi Arias, a 40-year-old American citizen, was molested when she was just 7 years old. He said that his step parents beat him with belts and wooden spoons.

Jodi Arias Career

Jodi Arias’ full name is Jodi Ann Arias. You may learn more about Jodi Arias’s career as a photographer by reading the Jodi Arias Facts. In the future, he worked as a waitress in a restaurant. Speaking about Arias, she was born on July 9, 1980, in Salinas, California. In addition to being an American citizen, Jodi has heritage from Mexico, England, and Germany. She is a Christian and has a total height of 5 feet 4 inches, but there is no data regarding her weight, physical characteristics, or bra cup size. Jodi’s first friend, Daryl, received a life sentence for the murder of Davis Exander, her lover.

Jodi Arias Boyfriend

In 2001, Jodi, a former freelance photographer, quit her job to become a server in a restaurant in California. The next year, she got to know Daryl, Jodi Arias’ boyfriend. 2003 marked the beginning of their relationship. But after she and Daryl split up, she met Travis Alexander, who was at the time seeing Jodi Aria.

According to the wiki biography of Jodi Arias, Alexander and Jodi developed feelings for one another. Within a week, they both started having sex with one another. As a result, the pair moved to Massachusetts from California in 2007 but dissolved their relationship that same year while continuing to have frequent intercourse.

Jodi Arias Travis Alexander

After she and Brewer separated in 2006, Jodi met salesperson and motivational speaker Travis Alexander. Alexander belonged to the Mormon faith. They fell in love right away, according to Arias, and within a week of meeting, they started having intercourse. In February 2007, she moved to Mesa from California. They broke up in June of that year, although they continued to regularly engage in sexual activity. Later, she claimed that Alexander had abused her physically and sexually.

Similarly, on June 4, 2008, she killed Alexander. Numerous forensic artifacts found at the crime site allude to Jodi’s potential involvement in the killing. She was given a life sentence in state prison without a chance of release on April 13, 2015. She is now a high-risk category 5 prisoner being housed in the greatest safety at the Arizona State University Prison Complex – Perryville.

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