Kurt Bardella Wikipedia, Family, Net Worth, Wife

American political (spoken) pundit and journalist Kurt Bardella is well-known. Additionally, he produces and publishes the country music industry newsletter Morning Hangover and contributes to MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

As the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s deputy communications director and spokesperson, Rep. In order to further the Committee’s investigation, hearings, and oversight activities, she has also assisted in developing the Committee’s strategic strategies and coordinating media outreach.

Additionally, he helped Representative Brian Bilbray as the press secretary and director of communications for American Senator Olympia J. Snowe.

Kurt Bardella Age

Kurt Bardella was born in Washington, DC, on October 23, 1982. Kurt Bardella graduated from Escondido High School with a degree in general education. We are unaware of the specifics of his post-secondary education, or college life.

Kurt Bardella Wikipedia

NameKurt Bardella
As a CareerAmerican Political Commentator
Date of Birth23rd October 1982
BirthplaceWashington D.C
Primary Education  Escondido High School
Height5 feet 8 inche
Weight75 Kg
Net Worth$1to $5 million
zodiac  Scorpio

Kurt Bardella Marriage And Husband

Kurt is a married man, therefore we may talk about his marital life. In 2017, he married the woman he had been dating since his undergraduate days. Miroslava Korenha is the name of Kurt Bardella’s spouse. They both now have a child of their own.

Kurt Bardella MSNBC

American news-focused pay television cable network MSNBC is situated in New York. It is owned by NBCUniversal News Group, a division of the company. Along with its own reporting and political analysis, it covers current events using NBC News coverage. As of September 2018, 87 million American homes were receiving MSNBC.

With an average of 1.8 million viewers in 2019, MSNBC came in second place among basic cable networks, just behind Fox News, which averaged 2.5 million viewers.

Kurt Bardella Family, Parents

It is not known anything about Bardella’s biological parents. A young couple in Rochester, New York, adopted him. His mother earned a BA from the University of Rochester, while his father worked as a security guard in an office building. When he was three years old, his adoptive parents separated, and he moved in with his mother. Regarding his sister or brother, no information is provided.

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